22 February

EU Industry Days
2019 // Vinnytsya

Event title: Energy Efficiency as a Key Factor for Re-Industrialization
Venue: Vinnytsya Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The fate of the energy component in Ukrainian goods is still quite large. Little is being implemented by modern LED technologies in the lighting of industrial premises, in the work of compressor equipment and refrigerating chambers, in systems of accounting and monitoring of energy consumption. According to repeated meetings of businessmen in the Vinnytsia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it was stated that business overpays for consumed energy 25-28%.

Our speakers

Viktor Dyadkovych

expert at the Vinnytsya Regional Chamber of Commerce

Hanna Sokolova

Turbiv Kaolin Plant

Valery Redchyk

Head of Vinnytsya Regional Branch of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Olha Duzhak

Co-founder of Energy Efficient Construction LLC

Oleh Schebakov

Director of Al-Energo Company


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